The Da Vinci

Why is she superior to all others?

Our commitment to quality.

Our guests continue to tell us our River Cruises are a league above all others. On every cruise, many guests visit from other vessels and ask if they can stay with us. Join us on a Da Vinci river cruise. You may never return to any other style of travel. Don’t take our word for it, ask your friends.

Uninterrupted 360° views from the Sundeck - Not available on larger ships
Cruise through Europe and get a 360° experience from the broad, shaded and very comfortable Sun Deck. Soak up the spectacular valleys and mountain ranges, inhale the smells of fresh bread in the bakeries and chat with the locals along the shore side bike paths.

With this gorgeous scenery come many locks and low bridges. On all larger vessels, these low bridges and locks force guests from the sun deck, there just isn't enough room!

Because the Da Vinci is not as tall as the newer mega river boats, you are never asked to leave the Sun Deck. Simply Superior.

Low bridges on the Altmühl
In the Altmühl valley, the bridges were built low to retain the intimacy of this ancient valley. Can you imagine missing this at night because your ship is too tall?

Balconies limit you to half the view
Rivers provide you with incredible, close up views on both shores. Balconies limit you to only half the view and limit the size of your cabin. Enjoy the Sun Deck with uninterrupted 360º views.

No formal nights
Relax, this is your holiday.

Sailing the Canadian flag
The only river boat in Europe to do so.

No hidden costs, the fare listed is the total, all inclusive fare.

between the lower and upper deck.

Motorised chair lift
between the upper deck and Sky Lounge/sun deck.

The Da Vinci rarely cruises overnight. Every other river boat does

The ‘Wavy’ bridge at Essing, a tribute to the Main Danube Canal(and very low!)

Most larger vessels sail through the Main Danube Canal at night!

Do you really want to miss this? You will if you cruise at night!

Would you drive through the Rockies at night? Of course not! Then why pay to sleep through the most beautiful parts of Europe while you cruise at night?
Short itineraries are only good for the corporate bottom line. To achieve shorter itineraries, you must cruise at night, missing the beauty and intimacy of your European experience. Would you rather sleep through Europe at night, or join us on the sun deck of the Da Vinci, wine in hand, relaxing as Europe comes to you.

PS - Nights should be full of dreams of the day's memories, not the drum of the boats diesel engines.

Austria's Wachau Valley, UNESCO World Heritage, Cultural Landscape since 2000.
An overnight here is a must, so that's what we do in Durnstein.

Germany’s Altmühltal – A Million Years of History In Bavaria’s Heart. You will have to search long and hard before finding a part of Germany as unspoiled as the Altmühltal. We overnight in the heart of Bavaria.

We rarely cruise overnight. See more of Europe.
Our longer itineraries mean you don't miss everything cruising at night!

River Cruise Map River Cruise Map

Perhaps it's not what you see, but what you miss that's important.
Our river cruises have always been longer than any other so we can take the time to show you places you never dreamed of, along with those you know, all at a calm pace. Enjoy your evenings with the locals in the towns along the river, and rest peacefully on board the Da Vinci, while we dock overnight.

You need time to smell the roses along the way.

Esztergom, Hungary is one of the many intimate places we overnight in. Other cruises sail past to accommodate their shorter itinerary.

Schölgen, The big bend in the Danau bordering Upper Austria and aria. On life’s simple pleasures and worth every minute on the Sun Deck.

Da Vinci Features:

Guest Cabins

  • Two Murphy beds that disappear during the day.
  • Private facilities
  • Individual climate control
  • Satellite television
  • Ample storage space.

Deck Layout

Download deck plans