Journeys by Land

Yukon and Alaska by land and sea

Many venture north to see 'Alaska,' yet most miss the best part of it all, Canada's Yukon

Swiss Rail Spectacular

Once in a lifetime

Cape Bonavista was the first land sighted by John Cabot from the Matthew on June 24, 1497.   The lighthouse at this location was built in 1843 and still stands.  The area around the lighthouse affords other fantastic sights and walks.  From the cliffs near the lighthouse you can view puffins flying or resting on the rocks.  Take a long lens and binoculars for the best views!

Newfoundland & Labrador

Enjoy Canada Day amongst some of the loveliest people in North America

Venice to Istanbul

Luxury rail across Eastern Europe

The Temple of Heaven is China's largest existing complex of ancient sacrificial buildings. Occupying an area of two hundred seventy three hectares, it is three times the area of the Forbidden City. Built in fourteen twenty for emperors to worship Heaven, it remains one of the most important temples in all of Asia.

China & The Yangtze River

One of the best river cruises in the world. China remains one of the most interesting, and safest destinations in the world. Let the ancient cultures welcome you and lifelong memories carry you home