Experience the difference family makes

Personalized service, from start to finish

'Treating You Royally,' with integrity and compassion, has been our goal since 1980. We pride ourselves in providing personal service and quality in everything we do. All of our journeys are personally researched, planned and operated. We only offer them to our guests once we are sure that every detail has been looked after, every ship or hotel has been inspected, and every attraction has been pre-arranged.

Nobody has a more intimate knowledge of our journeys than we do. When you have questions, feel confident in knowing you are dealing with the people who designed the journey and are responsible for your satisfaction.

Personal service from our family

A commitment to our guests, who ultimately become part of the family, is easy. Its what we believe in and drives us to achieve excellence. We want you to go home and enjoy telling your family and friends about your experience..

Fares in Canadian dollars

No worries about fluctuating foreign currency values.

Taxes - yes, even the HST!

Yes, the taxes are included. Hard to believe in a world where taxes are always extra. Not with us. All taxes on included items are included; GST, HST, PST, VAT. Recently, we calculated over 30 different taxes, per guest, on a Danube River Cruise!

The Personal Touch

From our friendly office staff, to meeting you at Toronto airport, flying with you, managing your entire journey and helping you settle into your private car home, the beauty is in the details. More often than not, Jerry and Anneka Van Dyke are at the airport to greet you with a personal hello.

Friendly, knowledgeable Staff

Each year our staff experience our unique journeys personally. When you call or visit, you know you are speaking with people who have been there.

Personal Planning

Only after we have completed extensive research by personally visiting every new destination, and have fine tuned all the details, can we be confident in taking our guests.

A balance of free time and exceptional experiences

Every itinerary we offer is a combination of guided sightseeing, free time and flexibility. We know that today our guests are more travelled than ever before, so we make sure you have time to experience things on your own.


Our guests are often drawn to our journeys for similar reasons, so you always find something in common with your fellow travellers. Every year more guests return to travel with friends they met on previous journeys. Ask your friends, they'll tell you all about us.

Quality, not Quantity

Quality, not quantity, will always remain our focus. We enjoy catering to about 1 800 guests a year, not tens of thousands. Quantity changes quality. Ask the guests who have travelled with us on multiple journeys of 5, 10, 30, 45 and even 68 with Madeline and 98 with Edith. We take great pride in having the highest guest return rate in Canada. When times are tough, Tour Operators always cut corners. In 2009, we raised our level of quality.

What does all this add up to?
Peace of mind and exceptional value!